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Packaging & design

Weltrade invests to address growing Aussie demand for environmentally friendly and high quality packaging

With over 20 years of experience in supplying and designing packaging Weltrade Packaging are a specialist in supplying plastic packaging to hair, skin, and beauty product manufacturers. Weltrade Packaging provides creative custom solutions from the very beginning or use their range of proprietary packaging options to supply the desired look and requested features for their client. With offices in Queensland and Hong Kong, they are one to look out for in their industry. Premium Beauty News spoke to Steve Welsh, the Director of Weltrade Packaging, to find out more.

Steve Welsh, Director of Weltrade Packaging

Steve Welsh, Director of Weltrade Packaging

Premium Beauty News - What do you love about packaging?

Steve Welsh - I get asked what is it that I love about packaging a lot! There are many reasons however, the part I love most is when I see our clients succeed and have their products on retailer’s shelves or winning awards for their category. I understand the time, effort, and creative work we both put into each packaging project and it is great to feel a part of their journey.

Premium Beauty News - What are the main brands you work with?

Steve Welsh - We work with hundreds of brands including Aspen Australia, Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr, DeLorenzo and Schwarzkopf.

Premium Beauty News - What are the main trends of the market, the main requests you receive from Australian brands?

Steve Welsh - We receive many requests from clients for our post-consumer recycled and bioplastic packaging, as well as requests for unique packaging, custom colours, printing and moulds.

Environmentally friendly products and packaging is a huge trend. As consumers become more educated with social media of the pros/cons of various products and their packaging, we are seeing many brands looking to us for help with improving their packaging message. They are especially looking at our newly released Post-Consumer Resin tubes, which can have up to 45% of their weight made from recycled plastic. We are always on the lookout for new ways of doing things that are more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Premium Beauty News - Are there any other exciting projects in the future?

Steve Welsh - Weltrade Packaging is undergoing a new expansion to increase the proportion of onshore manufacture, especially PET jars and bottles, in our Queensland facility. We are passionate to continue investing in our equipment and our team to provide the best packaging solutions for our clients.

Additionally, the Australian Government recently identified Weltrade Packaging as a rapidly growing company! We will continue to work with the government to expand our product range and specialty lines.

Interview by Béatrice Saffre


  • Airless tubes by Weltrade Packaging
  • Airless pumps by Weltrade Packaging
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