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Strand takes inspiration from the better ageing trend to launch a holistic skin care line

While women aged 60 and over make up 20% of the world’s population, the general attitude regarding aging is evolving towards a more holistic conception, including an invitation to decelerate to rejuvenate oneself and live fully in respect for one’s body, one’s biological and physiological rhythm.

These findings led Strand Cosmetics Europe to take a new orientation on better-aging, rather than anti-aging, based on recent studies That highlight four biological mechanisms, essential to cell longevity: cellular energy, cellular metabolism, adaptation to cellular stress, intercellular communication.

With this in mind, the French company has designed the Goldenage skincare collection, featuring:

  • Goldenage Night Cream, a night cream that wraps the skin and leaves it supple and moisturized.
  • Goldenage Day Cream, the first day care that brings simultaneously both comfort and freshness to the skin
  • two serums. Goldenage Serum, the first beauty gesture of the day for a fresh and velvet skin, and Golden Precious Serum, a beauty elixir that is enriched with gold particles.
  • Goldenage Lip Serum, a moisturizing and better-aging treatment for the lips and their contour.
  • Golden Eye, an eye care that sculpts the look by combining the freshness of zamac applicator and the comfort of a nutritious texture.
  • Goldenage Peel-Off Mask, a peel-off mask enriched with golden mother of pearl to give the skin an instant radiance.

To develop those seven formulas Strand Cosmetics Europe selected a selection of ingredients known for their contribution to the activation of the biological mechanisms that are essential to cell longevity:

  • A, C and E vitamin complex: acts on skin elasticity and brings antioxidant properties 
  • Saffron extract: improves skin firmness 
  • Passion flower oil: soothing, emollient and moisturizing properties 
  • Blue lily of the valley extract: improves cells longevity and skin radiance 
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