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Pochet wants luxury glass to go hand in hand with recycling

The Pochet Group, in partnership with L’Oréal, has produced a perfume bottle containing 10% of high quality recycled glass for Viktor & Rolf. The aim is to offer a level of brightness and transparency comparable to that of a traditional Courval Pochet bottle.

The idea behind SEVA, the new glass concept developed by the Pochet Group is to use post-consumer perfume bottles to give birth to new perfume bottles. SEVA stands for Solution Ecoresponsable, Vision d’Avenir, French for Ecoresponsible Future Vision and Solution.

Selected glass cullet

To produce a very high quality glass meeting the specifications of their customers while including recycled glass in the manufacturing process, Pochet du Courval - the Pochet Group glass-making arm - has set up a recycling scheme entirely dedicated to perfume glass bottles. As the scheme only recycles white glass perfume bottles, Pochet can introduce 10% of external cullet [1] into its manufacturing process. This proportion adds up to the internal cullet that Pochet du Courval already reintroduces within its usual manufacturing process.

Viktor & Rolf limited edition made of SEVA glass by Pochet du Courval

Viktor & Rolf limited edition made of SEVA glass by Pochet du Courval

Our aim with SEVA was to provide our customers with a solution to reduce the environmental footprint of the final product while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of our glass. This is why we have set up a closed-loop recycling scheme for high-end perfume bottle,” said Pierre Dehé, CSR Direct at Pochet. “This allows us to maintain a high-end quality of glass, while putting in place a virtuous cycle,” he added.

Viktor and Rolf bottles

The first bottles using the SEVA concept were co-developed in partnership with L’Oréal, for Viktor and Rolf, one of the group’s licensed perfume brands. Two bottles containing 10% of recycled glass exclusively derived from recycled high-end perfume bottles were produced for the Bonbon and Flowerbomb latest limited editions. This allowed Pochet du Courval to made a significant improvement in the environmental footprint of its glass while preserving the brilliance and transparency of the glass.

Vincent Gallon


[1] Crushed glass that is ready to be remelted. Internal cullet is composed of defective products detected and rejected by a quality control process during the industrial process of glass manufacturing. External cullet is the waste glass that is collected and/or reprocessed with the purpose of recycling.


  • Viktor & Rolf limited edition made of SEVA glass by Pochet du (...)
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