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A new strategic line of action for Codipack

Created in 1987 by Michel Cochet, Codipack is celebrating their 30th anniversary with a major business reorientation. The company, specialized in the development and sourcing of cosmetics and perfume packaging, gradually terminated their partnership contracts with various European plastic injectors to refocus their business. Here are a few explanations with Michel Cochet, founder and President of the company.

Michel Cochet, founder and President of Codipack

Michel Cochet, founder and President of Codipack

Premium Beauty News - After thirty years, Codipack has initiated a real strategic shift. Why decide for a new orientation on perfumery?

Michel Cochet - Since it was created in 1987, Codipack has worked as a sales agency for several perfume, skincare and makeup packaging manufacturers - mainly Spanish and Italian companies specialized in glass and plastics. I am not saying anything new if I tell you that this activity mainly depends on the uncertainties of your partners and how their strategy evolves. Some people ceased their activities, while others were purchased by more powerful groups or chose different development paths. It has been several years since we started thinking about a strategy that could make us less dependent on these fluctuations.

Premium Beauty News - In practical terms, what is the new face of Codipack?

Michel Cochet - We target cosmetics and perfume brands in search of innovation in terms of glass packaging sourced in Asia and Europe. We offer standard glass bottles with a unique design, standard and exclusive Zamak caps, as well as standard, exclusive plastic caps made by EUROCAP in the United Arab Emirates, our privileged partner since 2008. We also rely on our Taiwan-based buying agency.

We already have a dozen references of exclusive Zamak caps. We have just launched three new designs of standard 100ml glass bottles, and we now offer about fifteen different shapes. As for plastic caps, we have developed almost 40 design references. We aim to launch several new products every year, both in terms of glass design and caps.

We mainly target niche brands and all brands seeking small and medium quantities, from 3,000 to 5,000 units, but we’re also able to serve all those looking for more important volumes. Our customers are mainly based in France, but we also work with Spain, Russia and the United-States.

Beyond standard models, it is also possible to make personalized products.

Lastly, we can take care of brands’ whole perfume projects if they want us to, with a full-service offer including product design and manufacturing, from packaging to conditioning. We also manage relationships with all service providers, in Europe or Asia, until the finished products are delivered.

Premium Beauty News - Can brands ask for these standard models to be personalized?

Michel Cochet - Of course, that is essential! As regards glass, we can make several types of finishing ourselves: lacquering, hot stamping and serigraphy. In addition, we can take care of glass metallization at EUROCAP, in Dubai. As for our caps, there is a metallization and lacquering chain, as well as hot stamping and pad printing machines, also on our partner EUROCAP’s site in Dubai.

We offer an online service for creating personalized bottles on our website, Brands can assemble the bottles and caps of their choice, and to define decoration options.

Interview by Vincent Gallon


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