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Solid bleached paperboard: the ambitions of Mosaico

“Mosaico” is the nom de guerre chosen by Italy’s Group Burgo to make its way, among others, in the very coveted global market of paperboard designed for the premium packaging sector. An entity which is making its mark a little more each year in the field of solid bleached paperboard. Overview with Antonio Appruzzese, Product and Sales Manager.

Antonio Appruzzese, Product and Sales Manager, Mosaico

Antonio Appruzzese, Product and Sales Manager, Mosaico

Premium Beauty News - Can you tell us more about the Burgo Group and its “Mosaico” entity?

Antonio Appruzzese - The Mosaico entity encompasses all the specialties of the Burgo Group such as graphical and packaging boards as opposed to coated paper. The entity aims at boosting the marketing and sales of these specialties through an active network of specialized agents and distributors.

Premium Beauty News - What does your paperboard grade offer mostly consists of, in the field of premium packaging?

Antonio Appruzzese - These are solid bleached paperboards, one or two side coated as required. We take advantage of Burgo’s expertise in coated papers for the graphics sector to offer a perfectly white and smooth substrate with exceptional printability. This paperboard, which is sold under the trade name “Temptation”, is available in several finishes, including one that offers excellent properties for packaging design.

Premium Beauty News - How do the Mosaico paperboard grades stand out from the crowd?

Antonio Appruzzese - Many of the products from the Lugo mill are laminated in two or more plies so we can offer a very wide range of grammages up to 800 g/m². Furthermore, Temptation Rock and Silk come embossed if required and the range also includes an uncoated version branded as Temptation Velvet.

The Mosaico entity encompasses all the specialties of the Burgo Group such as graphical and packaging boards as opposed to coated paper.

The Mosaico entity encompasses all the specialties of the Burgo Group such as graphical and packaging boards as opposed to coated paper.

Premium Beauty News - Is your European base an asset?

Antonio Appruzzese - The Temptation products are produced in Lugo, near Vicenza, Italy. Most of the paperboard converting for premium packaging is done in France, Germany and northern Italy. This proximity should enable us to offer the quality of service required by folding box makers and specifiers.

Premium Beauty News - You are targeting all segments in the luxury markets, and more particularly the Beauty sector?

Antonio Appruzzese - We really intend to make inroads in this sector. We already have a long standing expertise in the graphics paper markets. The packaging sector seems more promising in terms of growth and opportunities.

Premium Beauty News - How is your sales network organized in the world and in Europe?

Antonio Appruzzese - Our network consists both of subsidiaries, paper merchants and agents. For France, we have chosen the AGIPAP Agency to promote and sell the Temptation product range intended for premium packaging.

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