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Scentys targets the general public with two new innovations

Whether used as a tool to reinforce a brand’s or space’s olfactory identity, a tester for perfume shops, or a mere background perfume in the car, the technology developed by Scentys, a specialist of perfume air diffusion, is getting ever more popular. David Suissa, co-founder of the company in 2004, and today’s General Manager and Technical Director, presents two new innovations intended for consumers in search of qualitative, secure solutions.

David Suissa, co-founder of Scentys

David Suissa, co-founder of Scentys

Premium Beauty News - You created Scentys 13 years ago, based on an innovative concept: the principle of capsules containing small pearls of pure perfume concentrate placed in front of an air flow. This way, the perfume diffuses thanks to the evaporation of the concentrate for a natural, absolutely faithful olfactory reproduction. How have you managed to develop, since then?

David Suissa - Scentys is actually an expert in the air diffusion of very high quality perfume now. We have become experts in technical solutions and optimum safety of use. Today, we are among the best as regards this technology, and we have always been firmly established on the fine fragrance segment. Our first customers were perfume brands, creation houses like Givaudan or IFF, or distributors, but we gradually managed to reach several other industries, in particular transport, like the car industry. Over the past six months, we have worked in collaboration with Peugeot and Valeo, so that all 3008 and 5008 standard models are now fitted with our capsules to perfume car passenger cells.

Premium Beauty News - What are your latest innovations?

David Suissa - We have just launched a new solution to make people discover perfumes in points of sale: Fine Touch. It is a system based on our perfume pearl technology, which is placed in the particular configuration of an elegant object. It combines several advantages, like reducing the constraints related to spray testers, offering a new, original gesture to consumers, and providing a faithful, qualitative perfume experience without the ‘alcohol’ effect.

Premium Beauty News - Does that mean the general public will experience the Scentys technology for the first time?

David Suissa - Some of them have already done so. A year ago, we developed a home diffuser called Prysme. It was initially designed for professionals, but we received many requests from private individuals, so it is now available in Darty stores and on Amazon. It is a first step for us in terms of home perfume diffusion. There will be others, but we are really happy with the feedback we got for this product.

Talking about the general public, we are launching a new product designed for car passenger cells: Capsy. The idea is to provide an absolutely safe solution to a rising demand for cars, with good quality perfumes stable over time. The object in which the solid perfume capsule is introduced is clipped on the ventilation grid of the vehicle. The device may be opened or closed with a protective cover, so users can enjoy a perfume function upon request. It costs 19.90 euros. Two perfume capsules developed by creation houses are available for now, for 12 euros, and they both last about 50 hours.

Premium Beauty News - What are your results and prospects?

David Suissa - We are a 100% French company with about twenty employees, and we grew by 41% in 2016, compared to 2015. 2017 should be just as successful. As regards our products, our prospects clearly involve working on innovations to pave the way for new perfume applications. Now, as far as business is concerned, our export turnover for Asia, South America, and Europe represents 30%. So, we aim to find new sources of growth abroad to further strengthen our global presence.

Interview by Kristel Milet


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