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Intelligence is the common thread of top 10 global consumer trends in 2019, finds Euromonitor

Euromonitor International has released its annual list of the top 10 global consumer trends. According to the Market research firm, intelligence is a common thread linking each of the trends to watch in 2019.

In a complex and volatile world, consumers have to make choices and mobilize all the information they can. Photo: © disobeyart / shutterstock

In a complex and volatile world, consumers have to make choices and mobilize all the information they can. Photo: © disobeyart / shutterstock

The world feels out of control as we move into 2019. There is much political upheaval in developed markets and fast, totally unprecedented change in developing economies,” say Euromonitor analysts. In such a context, many of the global consumer trends to watch in 2019 are about taking back control and asserting oneself. “We need to feel just a bit more powerful amidst the chaos,” highlights Euromonitor.

The top 10 global consumer trends chosen by Euromonitor in 2019 are:

  • Age Agnostic. Boundaries of old age are shifting. As people live longer and take better care of themselves, older consumers feel and want to be treated as younger.
  • Back to Basics for Status. Shoppers are searching for authentic products and experiences, moving away from overt materialism to simplicity as well as from generic to higher quality products.
  • Conscious Consumer. What used to be the domain of ethically-positioned, niche producers is now being embraced by conventional companies.
  • Digitally Together. High-speed internet and mobile internet are driving live interactive experiences online and facilitating instant collaboration.
  • Everyone’s an Expert. Whereas previously shoppers relied on a certain brand or information source, now companies must constantly innovate to entice more inquisitive shoppers.
  • Finding My JOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) has now given place to the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO). Consumers want to protect their mental wellbeing, disconnecting from technology and prioritizing what they truly want and enjoy doing.
  • I Can Look After Myself. As people become more self-sufficient, they take preventative measures against illness, unhappiness and discomfort without consulting a professional.
  • I Want a Plastic-free World. The push for a plastic-waste-free society has gained momentum.
  • I Want it Now! Consumers seek instant gratification and frictionless experiences that mesh with their lifestyles, allowing them to dedicate more time to their professional or social lives.
  • Loner Living. More people – especially older consumers - across the world break the stigma of living alone and embrace their independent lifestyles.

Intelligence is the common thread linking all trends in 2019. How we live is so centrally dependent on the choices available that the biggest issue is how se make sense of it all. Simplifying your options, having smooth purchasing experiences, being mindful and ultimately opting out altogether are all intrinsic,” comments Gina Westbrook, Director of Consumer Trends at Euromonitor International.

A free copy of the full report is available here: Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2019.

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