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BCM Cosmétique: as trendy as it gets

With 300 million products released every year from their three European plants, BCM has gradually managed to rank among the most visionary cosmetics beauty subcontractors in France and across Europe. Specialized in research & development, formulation & conditioning for all cosmetic product categories, the company is about to leave Anglo-American retailer Walgreens Boots Alliance to join the Fareva Group. But for now, they are relying on the main streams of influence to enrich their new collection full of innovations.

Echanted Lipstick

Echanted Lipstick

For this 2017/2018 collection, BCM has identified three major trends that have inspired their latest innovations and launches for all cosmetic product categories. “Conversely, every BCM category expert also provided food for thought for the trend we had predefined, thanks to their product expertise, and we had a very fulfilling, multicultural discussion,” explains Marie-Christine Clerc, Sales & Marketing Director for the Face category.

In addition, to assert the expression of their message, BCM developed an olfactory signature for every family, in collaboration with a perfume composition house.

Determination and action

The first trend for this collection is named Do It . It expresses strength and determination, girl power and self-confidence – a sort of can-do attitude, adds Marie-Christine Clerc. It corresponds to textures that hold their promises, are reassuring and long-lasting for high-performance products, and combine with vitality and energy notes, like tangerine, bergamot orange, and ginger.

In the three makeup categories – Lips, Face, and Eyes – the Power Lips 2-in-1 provides a plumper effect on the lips and lip contour. Test results have shown this serum and lip makeup product guarantees a 50% enhanced hydration performance. Also, the vitamin-enriched Mini Outdoor Lipstick can withstand any sports activities. Anti-wrinkle makeup base Ready, Aim, Primer! removes both pores and fine lines. Power Blush, a long-lasting compact powder, contains pigments that can last even after the texture has disappeared. Ultimately, also long-lasting, the Eyebrow Pomade can play with the climate, while offering a very natural makeup result on the brows.

Be yourself

Be it is the second family. It embodies diversity in benevolence, identity, ethics, tribe spirit… “It is intended for more committed women asserting their lifestyle,” Marie-Christine Clerc comments. Be It creations boast a fragrance profile that evokes indulgence with green fig and pepper notes.

BCM completed the Be It trend with Enchanted Lipsticks, mauve, green, yellow, and blue lipsticks which provide the lips with a highly personalized, pinkish colour when they come in contact with the skin’s pH. Also following this trend, there is the astonishing Peel & Reveal Lip Mask, a moisturizing, coloured peel-off mask for the lips which, once the film removed, leaves the mouth naturally tinted and material-free for two hours. For the complexion, the Vegan Complexion Equalizer excludes all products of animal origin and, with the accuracy of a dropper or clic pen, adds and mixes a drop of colour-concentrated emulsion with a day cream or sun cream. “For consumers, the message in line with the trend is clearly: I am myself with my usual products and I do not need multiple creams,” explains Marie-Christine Clerc. BCM has also designed a Mineral Powder Foundation with mineral pigments, a natural powder which turns into cream on the skin for a radiant result.

Here is another example, this time following the multi-mask micro-trend: BCM has developed a line composed of three masks based on natural ingredients to be used individually or combined with each other for a complete ritual – SOS Soothing Face Mask for sensitive and dehydrated skins, SOS Detox Face Mask for a purifying action with charcoal powder, and the leave-on 3 Minute Eraser Mask, with a fresh texture.

Wellness and nature

Lastly, the Feel It trend embodies the holistic quest for wellness, nature preservation, and the right balance between the body and mind. “This movement has been trendy for quite long, and it keeps changing,” Marie-Christine Clerc asserts. The range offers products with sensorial textures for a clean finish. The olfactory notes convey oriental glamour, sensuality, and relief, thanks to tangerine, pepper, and lavender. These are contained in Overnight Sleep In Hair Oil, a silicone-free oil for hair ends, and Lip Nectar, an anti-aging lip treatment based on essential oils and vitamins.

This was just an overview: this collection rich in texture and formulation innovations should get even broader at the next Luxe Pack Monaco show.

Kristel Milet


  • Peel & Reveal Lip Mask
  • Vegan Complexion Equaliser
  • Leave-on 3 Minute Eraser Mask
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